The importance of the grey pound and brand perception

When you think of online shopping and mcommerce, you think of fresh-faced millennials tapping away on their shiny touchscreen devices, taking advantage of the latest technology and spreading their gospel opinions. You don’t necessarily prioritise the opinion of humble over-55’s sitting at home with a nice cup of tea, blissfully unaware that their world is being taken over by ecommerce. But business owner, it’s time to open your eyes to the value of the forgotten ‘grey pound’. Continue reading

Knowing when to start building your workforce

As you lay awake at night, unable to sleep, thinking about the never-ending to-do list you have become a slave to since starting up your own business, you may be tempted to indulge in the idea of recruitment. Establishing a new enterprise is often a one man (or woman) band type of situation but as the venture develops and brand grows, you’re going to need a few extra pairs of hands. This can be a time and cost-heavy process so it’s important to get your timing right. Continue reading