The growing profile of pop-ups and why UK businesses are embracing them

New research issued this week has consolidated the substantial impact pop-up shops are having on the UK economy and why the country’s business owners are favouring this modern method of trading. The pop-up scene has fast become a multi-billion pound market that is contributing considerably to the UK’s retail turnover and customers are too welcoming more flexible ways of shopping. However, there is still a way to go before we reach pop-up perfection but the current advantages are proving more than promising. Continue reading

Famous rags-to-riches stories made without academic qualifications

This week the UK was abuzz with the jubilant celebrations of those who received their A Level results, just a few weeks after the country’s most recent generation of graduates donned their hard-earned caps and gowns. There will be thousands and thousands of students jumping over the moon in glee at their achievements and to them we say a huge congratulations! However, there will no doubt be equally as many young people disappointed with their results or worrying what their futures hold without academic qualifications but we’re here to tell you it’ll all be okay. Continue reading

The importance of the grey pound and brand perception

When you think of online shopping and mcommerce, you think of fresh-faced millennials tapping away on their shiny touchscreen devices, taking advantage of the latest technology and spreading their gospel opinions. You don’t necessarily prioritise the opinion of humble over-55’s sitting at home with a nice cup of tea, blissfully unaware that their world is being taken over by ecommerce. But business owner, it’s time to open your eyes to the value of the forgotten ‘grey pound’. Continue reading