Free company formation

If you’re just starting out with your own business, things can seem daunting and the learning curve is short and steep. Even though forming your company will be at the early stages of your newFree company formation business, you still will have come a long way just to reach this stage. Maybe you’re a sole trader who has reached the point whereby it’s more financially beneficial to form a limited company. You could be about to create a brand new company, whatever your situation, forming your limited company with us is the best way forward.

We can form your company for free

‘Be a Company’ is owned and operated by The Accountancy Partnership. A well established online accountancy who have been helping businesses with their accounts since 2006. You can find more about us here. After forming a company many people bring on board the services of an accountant to help guide them through the often complex tax guidelines from HMRC and also make them aware of how to operate in the most tax efficient way.  It made sense to offer a company formation service as it goes hand in hand with our accountancy services.

What makes us very different is that we will form your company for free if you also sign up to our accountancy services for your business. All the details will be given to you when you go through the online company formation process. If you decide to decline our accountancy services, our charge of £12 for company formation is still unbeatable! You will be emailed all incorporation documents, including the certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association and share certificates.

Got questions? We have the answers!

If you have any questions regarding our service or general questions around forming a limited company, we can help. You have a number of options to contact us, our email address and phone number (free phone) can be found over on the ‘Become a Company’ website You should also see a live chat messenger box at the bottom right of your screen. Opening the chat messenger will put you right through to a live chat environment and someone will be happy to answer any questions or help.